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Specification Number: TS.MB.52.28

Min cabinet size: 885 mm

Outer Dimension:  520/285 x 455 x 211 mm

Bowl Dimension: 470/235 x 405 x 200 mm

Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel 

Thickness: 304 Gauge 1.2 mm thickness

Accessories: 90mm Basket waste plug

Warranty: 25 Year limited warranty

Installation Types: Inset, overmount, undermount

Weight: 9.0 kg

Sometimes a big Titan can do with a little brother to help take care of the kitchen kerfuffle. Our small sink is paired with a bigger, wider sink to help with tasks like rinsing and soaking larger pots and pans. It’s suited to a bigger household with greater capacity demands. This combo does it with ease, all while keeping things in the family agreeable with minimal shoulder rubbing. Well, looking nice at the very least.

Use in: bigger family kitchens, butler’s pantries (butlers’ if you have two butlers).

Installation types

To create a ‘flush mount’, a sink hole is cut into your benchtop. The perimeter edge of the hole is rebated to a depth of 1.5mm so your Titan sink can be inserted into the hole, and the outer lip will sit in the rebate and be flush with the benchtop, for a seamless finish.


To achieve this look, a sacrificial benchtop is installed (a fibre board top, never seen again once the stone top is installed) on top of the kitchen cabinets. The sink is then installed into the sacrificial benchtop. A separate functional benchtop with a matching sink cut-out is then installed over the sink and the sacrificial benchtop, allowing the sink to sit underneath the stone surface. Sounds simple, no? Trust us, the resulting undermount is beautifully understated.


To ‘overmount’ your sink, a hole is cut in the benchtop. The sink bowl is then inserted into the hole with the outer lip of the sink sitting on top of the benchtop. This puts the edge of your beautiful Titan on display for all to see.

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