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Titan combines style with substance – surgical grade stainless steel. The coating is up to 15 times harder than regular steel, plus it’s scratch resistant and won’t corrode. So you can have a beautiful and lasting relationship... with your sink. Seriously.
  • Small Single Bowl

    Small Single Bowl
    285mm x 455mm

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  • Large Single Bowl

    Large Single Bowl
    520mm x 455mm

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  • Medium Single Bowl

    Medium Single Bowl
    405mm x 455mm

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  • Medium & Medium

    Medium & Medium
    810mm x 455mm

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  • Small & Medium

    Small & Medium
    690mm x 405mm

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  • Large & Medium

    Large & Medium
    925mm x 455mm

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  • Large & Small

    Large & Small
    805mm x 455mm

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Rose Gold. Soft and subdued now has a hardened finish.

Traditionally, sexy finishes have been risky business (think: tapware that really doesn’t well... wear), but now Titan is bucking the trend. Our durable Rose Gold sinks are forged from premium grade stainless steel, shaped to fit your unique requirements. The colouring process yields a stunning look with a hardened finish that’s much more scratch resistant than traditional steel. Big on style with zero compromise, it’s the finish that won’t quit.

How to choose
1. Choose from five desirable colours to suit your space. Mix and match for your mood.

2. Select your bowl – upsize or downsize to suit your lifestyle.

3. Add taps and accessories to make your Titan as functional as it is beautiful.

Designed to stand out, and fit in.

Our stunning sink bowls are handcrafted to order and available in a range of configurations. Each Titan beauty is made to your bespoke requirements taking into consideration every household type and design. So a perfect fit is guaranteed. And your sink will endure – the finish is bonded to stainless steel so it won’t turn green like a copper sink. It’s up to 15 times harder than regular stainless steel, scratch and corrosion resistant. The process is used for industrial tooling and automotive applications, and now, your kitchen.

Make your kitchen a feast for the eyes with Titan rose gold