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Forged from passion. And surgical grade stainless steel.

We’re serious about sinkware. And while our passion is rubbing off on designers, architects and the industry at large, our finishes aren’t. That’s because our coatings are bonded to regular stainless steel on a molecular level, lifting your kitchen style to something truly special. The process is traditionally used in aerospace and automotive applications. And now, your kitchen.


We swear against wear.

 But don’t just take our word for it. The globally recognised ‘Vickers Hardness Test Rating’ positions our matte black finish at up to 9,000 HV equal with the hardest know mineral in existance, natural diamond (for measure, the finish on a regular stainless steel sink is 180-210 HV). Our finishes are so hard, they’ll never rub off, chiefly because they’ll never come into contact with anything harder. 







There's no end to our finishes.

Forget peeling, rubbing or corrosion. Unlike conventional brass or copper, Titan finishes replicate the styles but offer astonishing durability, retaining their looks far longer than stock-standard counterparts. It’s not hearsay. It’s science. Titan coatings are bonded to stainless steel on a molecular level. So our sinks don’t just look smart, they’re seriously clever.


Functional by design.

We’ve invested in significant R&D to create the best bowl design out there. Architects will note a visually linear appearance with rounded internal corners for ease of cleaning, while deeper bowls fit the largest pots and pans. The fully insulated bowl affords a consistent water temperature, with automotive grade sound-dampening for optimal acoustics.   

We don’t #follow trends. We start them.

If you’re looking to Instagram for the latest trends, you’re too late. We’ve already looked to designers and architects for inspiration, working together on our new ranges. Our current collection features a style to suit every colour palette. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Although, funnily enough, our light bulb moments happen in the kitchen, not the shower.